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Forest Edge Solar Landscape Design With New Plantings Next To A Solar Field
Forest Edge Solar Landscape Design With New Plantings Next To A Solar Field

Forest edge enhancements cover one-half mile in length and provide screening to adjacent residences.

Solar Landscape Design With Diverse Native Tree, Shrub And Groundcover Plantings In Front Of A Solar Field

Diverse native tree, shrub and groundcover plantings improve habitat values and effectively screen neighboring residences. Significant stands of tree

Solar Field Forest Edge Restoration | Worcester County, MA

Our client, Borrego Solar, needed to temporarily expand the clearing of the mature forest edge south of the solar field in Worcester County, MA to improve solar productivity.  We designed an extensive re-planting scheme to restore and improve the existing woodland edge on top of the steep escarpment.

Thousands of native trees, shrubs and groundcovers, including over 25 plant species such as mountain laurel, have been planted here to add significant biodiversity to what was previously an almost solid plantation of common White Pines.  The previous stand had been un-managed and many trees cut were in poor condition and threatening nearby houses.  The restoration plan emphasized care in preserving other desirable existing vegetation, including robust young stands of Hemlock and Gray Birch.

This nearly one-mile-long restoration will provide significant new habitat opportunities for many species that the previous White Pine monoculture lacked.  This dense planting will also help capture dust blowing southward from this former gravel pit, and visually screen neighboring houses.

Project Highlights

  • Extensive forest edge replanting
  • Added biodiversity while preserving existing vegetation
  • Expanded wildlife habitat
  • Captures dust and provides a visual screen for neighboring houses
  • Improved solar productivity
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