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Careful attention to soil preparation and seeding techniques restored depleted soils and brought solar farm site into environmental compliance within one growing season.

Solar farm site suffered from extreme compaction and erosion during its first year of operation.

Borrego Solar Systems
Multiple Sites in New England and New York

Client | Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.
Partners | Borrego Engineering & Design Team and On Site Project Managers

Wellnesscapes was hired to solve acute site stabilization, revegetation and environmental compliance challenges for solar farms ranging in size from 5 to 50 acres. Within four months Tom prepared revegetation plans for some ten solar farm sites and within six months rolled out his comprehensive Revegetation Design and Management Guides for use within the Northeast region. Solar sites prepared under this landscape guidance have shown significantly less erosion during construction phase, and greatly improved seed germination rates resulting in faster groundcover vegetation establishment and thereby enabling projects to receive final compliance permits post-construction. Tom’s experience with diverse seeding projects on difficult and varied sites helped both streamline the process and also tailor seed application processes to site specific conditions. Tom serves as an on-call consultant to Borrego.

Project Highlights

  • Medium to large-scale solar farms
  • Site stabilization and revegetation design
  • Master design and management guides
  • Environmental permitting and compliance
  • On-call consulting

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