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Connecting Suburban Neighbors in Arlington, MA

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Resilient Landscape Design for Changing Times

Reduced Maintenance

Landscape design that doesn’t need lots of time and money.

Wellnesscapes’ approach to landscape design provides ever-reducing maintenance needs, especially after full establishment.  We help clients limit their use of high maintenance areas, such as lawns, to where they are most desired.  This allows other areas to become more natural and beautiful while giving clients more time to truly enjoy their property.


Environmentally Responsible

Landscape design that helps the planet and doesn’t pollute it.

We honor our clients’ desire to live in harmony with their environment by guiding them to make landscape choices that enhance rather than harm the earth. We particularly seek to let your landscape contribute to cleaning water and to bringing nature closer to you.  We emphasize using local materials and working creatively with the raw materials close at hand first before bringing in new elements.

Landscape Ideas Charlestown, RI -

Quality of Home & Work Life

Landscapes that feel good to be in.

When something just feels right you know it.  Wellness is part of our name because our work brings peace and healing with it. From including medicinal plants, and designing year-round beauty, to developing soothing water features, you will enjoy years of pleasure in our landscapes.

Homes & Private Properties

  • Productive and Ornamental Gardens for all seasons
  • Rain Gardens and Multi-benefit Drainage Features
  • Place-appropriate Native and naturalized plantings
  • Meadows and managed edges
  • Invasive species management
  • Wildlife protection and enhancement
  • Cost Effective Maintenance Planning and Guidance
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Facilities & Developments

  • Public and Institutional Facilities including Healthcare and Educational
  • Private Developments including Commercial and Residential
  • Master Planning through Construction Design
  • Bid and Construction Phase Services/Site Observation
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance Planning
  • Permitting
  • Licensed Federal Contractor
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Classes, Trainings & Presentations

Tom Benjamin is a seasoned presenter with a much sought after personal, affable, and professional teaching style. Tom is a lecturer of Sustainable Landscape Design in the University of Massachusetts’ Sustainable Food and Farming Certificate Program, and at Greenfield Community College (GCC). Tom has also lectured at Harvard, MIT, and many professional conferences including the U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild Conference.

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