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Creating harmony between your home and its natural environment is our primary goal.

From the coast to the hills, and the city through the suburbs out to the country, each residence and its site are unique. We love to help you discover and enjoy the most intimate landscape surrounding you every day.

Our residential projects ranging from 1/8 acre to over 10 acres all preserve and enhance the best of the property, from prominent rock ledges to big trees to privacy providing hedgerows to expansive ocean views. We use key existing features like these to build the design elements around while sensitively managing or controlling more challenges aspects such as drainage or nuisance plants.

We are good listeners who help guide you every step of the way and from early visioning through the design details to user-friendly maintenance plans that cost-effective, long-term enjoyment of your residential property.

Let us help you make the most of your property…sustainably!

Wellness for your home

  • Productive and Ornamental Gardens for all seasons
  • Rain Gardens and Multi-benefit Drainage Features
  • Place-appropriate Native and naturalized plantings
  • Meadows and managed edges
  • Invasive species management
  • Wildlife protection and enhancement
  • Cost Effective Maintenance Planning and Guidance

Residences Portfolio

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