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Shoreline & Slope Stabilization: Beach Shoreline With Dune Grasses
Shoreline & Slope Stabilization: Beach Shoreline With Dune Grasses

Coastal Dune Stabilization, along Block Island Sound, South Kingstown, RI

Coastal Resilience Dune Restoration, Green Hill Beach, South Kingstown, RI

Our firm designed and obtained a coastal permit to stabilize this highly exposed two hundred foot long beachfront along Block Island Sound, which is essentially open ocean.  Beach erosion here is caused by a combination of fierce tidal action and intense winds.  Our design featured dune fencing woven in a tight zig-zag pattern that effectively captured sand blowing from all directions.  The fencing and collected sand provided a short-term reinforcement that was planted with some 2,000 sprigs of American Beachgrass and Seaside Goldenrod.  These plantings provide the first line of defense against erosion and the longer term beach stability this residential client sought.  Installed in Fall 2018, re-vegetation establishment has progressed  quickly despite the inhospitable site conditions.  By Summer 2020 the planted area exhibited roughly 75% cover with Beach Grass and Goldenrod.

Landscape Contractor & Plant Supplier:  Grandscapes

Project Highlights

  • Highly exposed and eroding Atlantic coastal beach and dune threatening residential beachfront property landward
  • Innovative temporary fencing captures blowing sand
  • Intensive beachgrass planting provides long-term stability
  • Rapid establishment of plantings in this inhospitable environment
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