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Hammond Pond Beach and embankment three months after construction completion.


Hammond Pond Beach suffered constant erosion before the project.

Shoreline & Slope Stabilization: New England Aster Bush With Butterfly

Native wildflowers like New England Asters are a feast for the eye and for pollinators, too.

Wellnesscapes-Hammond-Pond-WildflowersWellnesscapes-Hammond-Pond-TomB-WebWellnesscapes-Hammond-Pond-Beachfront-WebShoreline & Slope Stabilization: New England Aster Bush With Butterfly

Beach Stabilization and Embankment Restoration

Hammond Pond Beach Club, Goshen, MA

This long enjoyed recreational beach on an inland pond experienced severe erosion annually with sand washing away into the pond after heavy storms and from winter snow melt.  Located in a narrow strip between the pond itself and a steep roadway embankment, lacking effective drainage, and subject to frequent wind-driven wave action erosion, this beach was challenged.  To protect the beach, the client originally sought to build a long retaining wall along the upper edge of the beach and bottom of steep embankment.  However, their limited budget would barely cover the cost of the wall.

Our approach was different.  We designed a solution that featured a stone lined vegetated bioswale to capture and redirect runoff from the embankment around the beach’s outer edge.  The bioswale’s boulder edge allowed for comfortable sitting and integration of a bench.  Further, we removed regular mowing from the lawn covered embankment, saving operating expenses while allowing deep-rooting native grasses and wildflowers to rebound. Further, attractive drought tolerant wildflowers were added to this slope. With the budget saved from these more naturalized solutions, we were able to add value to the project by including a new stabilized boat launch and redesigned beach entrance to the scope.

With the site located entirely within wetland and buffer regulated areas, our naturalized approach, including restored and created wetland components, found favor with reviewing agencies.  The project obtained required environmental permits in a timely fashion allowing site work to proceed in the Spring such that the new and improve beach could open in June.

Landscape Contractor:  Pioneer Landscapes, Easthampton, MA

Project Highlights

  • Vegetated stone bioswale to redirect runoff
  • Removal of lawn saved maintenance costs
  • Integrated bench seating, stabilized boat launch, and redesigned beach entrance
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