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Front Yard Planting With Yellow And Pink Flowers In Montague, MA
Front Yard Planting With Yellow And Pink Flowers In Montague, MA

This entry garden revitalization centers around a welcoming locally sourced Goshen stone walk. Stones to be inter-planted with fragrant, ground-hugging plants come Spring.

Tom Benjamin Landscape Architect Planting Bulbs

Tom demonstrates spring flower bulb planting techniques. Stone path to be flanked by colorful, fragrant mosaic of bulbs come Spring.

Happy homeowners plant spring flowering bulbs in joyful anticipation of colorful, fragrant show come Spring.

Entry Walk and Garden | Montague, MA

Nestled into rich agricultural bottomland of the Connecticut River Valley, the green-thumbed residents of this country home sought to create a natural feeling entrance to complement surrounding productive cultivated gardens.  The centerpiece is a warm walkway of locally sourced Goshen stone.

Once planted, the textured stone will be softened and enlivened by creeping Thyme and other low flowering and fragrant plants.  A vibrant mosaic of native wildflowers and shrubs will flank the walkway providing alluring fragrance, color and texture throughout the seasons starting with abundant bulb plantings in early spring.

This project is under construction.

Project Highlights

  • Redesigned cluttered entry space to beckon with Goshen stone walk
  • Developed colorful mosaic of fragrant ground covers to provide interest from early spring-late fall
  • Sensitively captured rainwater in subtle depressions to irrigate gardens

Working with Tom has been a pleasure.  He has been very responsive to our needs and preferences and was a big help walking us through the planning stages of our front entryway’s renovation.  He is very knowledgeable, has been very responsive to phone calls and emails and one gets a sense he truly cares about our project’s success.

Marcia & Conor Power / Montague, MA

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