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Small Bridge In Garden Surrounded By Native Plantings
Small Bridge In Garden Surrounded By Native Plantings
Person Cutting Stone
View Of House From End Of Driveway
Rock And Gravel Garden Layout On Side Of House
Garden View With Large Rock And Native Plantings

Therapeutic Home Retreat | Williamsburg, MA

A project just right for a family with children growing up and leaving the nest.  Through accentuated landform manipulation, meticulous stone work, and thoughtful planting, we transformed this former lawn-based backyard into a colorful yet quiet retreat space.  A small sitting patio perches a bit above a specimen dogwood tree now underplanted with fragrant pink and purple shade-loving ground covers.  A larger gathering space focuses around a hot tub.  The spaces are tied together by native flowers, edible berries, ferns and carefully placed boulders, in a rolling landscape with gentle rises and dips, the deepest a dry rocky channel that subtly drains roof water into the surrounding woods.  Interplay of sun and shade in this natural garden provides comfortable hangout locations throughout the seasons.

“We’ve worked with many contractors and architects over the years, and I’d be hard-pressed to name one who was as attentive, client-centered, and as professional as Tom.”

Duncan & Meg Laird | Williamsburg, MA

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