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At Fresh Pond, Tom's collaborative design work included 4-acre constructed wet meadow which cleanses runoff prior to discharge into drinking water reservoir while providing substantial recreational and ecological benefits in the city.

Fresh Pond's naturalized and restored meadows and woodland edges are accessible to small maintenance vehicles that share pedestrian paths. Path's surfaced with universally accessible, permeable stabilized aggregate providing a rustic appearance.

Intensive urban forest management at Fresh Pond restored native plant communities and provided rare nature study opportunities for the city of Cambridge.

Applying compost-mulch to restore and stabilize compacted, eroded and depleted soils during slope reconstruction at Fresh Pond Reservation.

Placement of logs cut from on site forest management work during slope reconstruction at Fresh Pond Reservation.

Slope restoration at Fresh Pond shown within first year after reconstruction.

Fresh Pond Reservation Regenerative Projects Cambridge, MA

Client | City of Cambridge, Water Department
Partners | Carol R. Johnson, Inc.

As the landscape designer, ecological consultant, and project manager for this decade-long undertaking, Tom worked to restore soils, reestablish native vegetation, develop natural storm water filtration features, and improve public access at Fresh Pond Reservation. This highly-trafficked urban green space serves as watershed land protecting a nearby pond which supports Cambridge’s terminal drinking water supply. Tom’s work spanned master planning efforts and continued through design, construction, and monitoring implementation projects that followed. The project encompasses half of the 162-acre reservation.

Project Highlights

  • Received the Boston Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA) Honor Award for Reclamation and Resource Conservation
  • Construction of a wet meadow storm water pretreatment system covering 2.5 acres
  • Butterfly meadow, nature trails, youth soccer field, and community garden designed for elderly residents of city’s assisted living facility located at the site
  • An extensive vegetation management effort and integrated native plant restoration

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