Landscapes Rooted in Wellness (413) 687-1135

Low-input resilient design.

Natural habitat and ecosystem restoration.

Therapeutic wellness gardens.

Facilities & Developments

  • Public and Institutional Facilities including Healthcare and Educational
  • Private Developments including Commercial and Residential
  • Master Planning through Construction Design
  • Bid and Construction Phase Services/Site Observation
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance Planning
  • Permitting
  • Licensed Federal Contractor
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Homes & Private Properties

  • Productive and Ornamental Gardens for all seasons
  • Rain Gardens and Multi-benefit Drainage Features
  • Place-appropriate Native and naturalized plantings
  • Meadows and managed edges
  • Invasive species management
  • Wildlife protection and enhancement
  • Cost Effective Maintenance Planning and Guidance
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  • Classes
  • Tours
  • Trainings
  • Presentations
  • Publications
  • Webinars
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